ZANU PF Commends Government’s Progress in Agriculture and Infrastructure

Obert Mpofu
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HARARE -The ruling ZANU PF party has expressed satisfaction with the government’s strides in implementing agriculture projects aimed at enhancing national food security through the utilization of water bodies for irrigation.

In an extensive interview with ZBC News in Harare on Tuesday, ZANU PF Secretary General Dr. Obert Mpofu applauded the progress made by the Second Republic in executing various projects, citing road infrastructure and dam construction as pivotal initiatives that uplift people’s livelihoods.

Dr. Mpofu highlighted the alignment of government actions with resolutions from the National People’s conferences, underscoring the importance of harnessing water bodies for irrigation to bolster agricultural productivity.

“We are happy that most of the resolutions from Gweru have been implemented, including issues to do with agriculture and water availability. We have water bodies across the country which need to be utilized to promote irrigation; all is in order. Generally, we are very happy with what the government is doing concerning the implementation of projects,” he remarked.

Regarding the upcoming Southern African Development Community (SADC) summit, Dr. Mpofu emphasized that hosting leaders from the regional bloc signifies the nation’s capacity to organize and host international events effectively.

“There are a lot of activities regarding the hosting of the SADC Summit. It is against all odds that with detractors spreading falsehoods, we are happy that this is going to be a success. We hosted former liberation movements; it was a success,” he added.

Zimbabwe continues to make significant strides in improving people’s lives, with plans underway to unveil 35,000 business units, one in each village, across the country. Additionally, borehole sinking projects are ensuring access to clean water in communities, further contributing to the nation’s development trajectory.