Zanu PF blames opposition for drug abuse as CCC tells Mutsvangwa off

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ZANU PF has blamed main opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) for spawning the scourge of drug abuse among young people saying it is being necessitated by ‘urban decay’.

The country is in the throes of drug and substance abuse among young people which has filtered into learning institutions.

Government recently expressed concern over the scourge calling for security services to descend on drug peddlers.

While conceding government’s hand, Zanu PF secretary for information Christopher Mutsvangwa said urban decay has diminished hope of young people who have resorted to drug abuse.

“We have always had forward looking and dynamic youth in this country. It has always been ready to take on its responsibilities even at a tender age throughout history.

“It may have arisen out of two decades that our economy was in doldrums and decay and the element of hope was being taken out of the youths with unemployment high and it has been worsened by the urban decay which is symptomatic of CCC councillors.

“There has been no effort by City fathers in all the various jurisdictions which have been run by MDC/CCC for the past two decades to create a sense of purpose about an urban area. Urban areas are where goods and services are produced, manufactured and delivered,” said Mutsvangwa.

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Mutsvangwa’s sentiments come as the ruling party continues to trade blame with CCC over the collapse of urban councils in basic service delivery.

However the government has been accused by critics of being insincere in fighting substance abuse with drug lords roaming residential areas.

“I am describing this sense of negligence about urban management by CCC as being the root cause as to why young people in urban areas are turning to drugs because the City fathers are neglecting their responsibility to create a purposeful life,” added Mutsvangwa.

Solicited for comment CCC deputy spokesperson Ostallos Siziba said Government has the obligation to fight drug abuse menace accusing some peddlers of being linked to the ruling party.

“We thought that with grey hair comes wisdom but it is unfortunate it is the opposite with Mr Mutsvangwa who knows that it is the primary constitutional duty of law enforcement agents. It is the duty of government to ensure that they deal and come up with policies to deal with that,” said Siziba.