Zambia wishes Zimbabwe peaceful polls

Zambian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Derick Livune
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HARARE – Zambian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Derick Livune has called on the people of Zimbabwe to prioritize peace as the country prepares for the harmonized elections on August 23.

Ambassador Livune emphasized the importance of peace as a key component for economic development, echoing President Mnangagwa’s consistent call for peaceful elections.

President Mnangagwa has been urging all contestants, the electorate, and stakeholders to contribute to peaceful, free, and fair elections. The President’s call for peace stems from previous elections that have witnessed pockets of violence, often arising from opposition internal party processes, such as primary elections, and post-voting disturbances when opposition players refuse to accept defeat.

President Mnangagwa has been actively championing peace before, during, and after the elections, emphasizing the need for unity and economic development over political conflicts. The neighboring Republic of Zambia has taken note of President Mnangagwa’s message and has expressed its support for peaceful elections in Zimbabwe.

Ambassador Livune highlighted the significance of peace for development, emphasizing that without peace, there can be no progress. He also stated that instability in one country affects the stability of neighboring countries.

Ambassador Livune extended well wishes to Zimbabwe for the upcoming elections and urged all Zimbabweans to remember their common identity as brothers and sisters, emphasizing the importance of living together harmoniously beyond election day.

In conclusion, Ambassador Livune’s remarks underscore the call for peace and unity in Zimbabwe during the election period, aligning with President Mnangagwa’s consistent message.