Yet another UK based Zimbabwean nurse succumbs to coronavirus

Lill Sandie Mudzivare
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A United Kingdom based nurse who was employed in the National Health Service has succumbed to coronavirus.

The sad passing of Lill Sandie Mudzivare was announced by friends and relatives on Facebook.

“I come in tears as I announce the sudden death of my cousin and friend Lill Sandie Mudzivare who succumbed to covid-19 in the early hours of this morning; a staff nurse within the NHS. She leaves behind 3 kids the youngest of whom is only 3. May her soul rest in eternal peace!!” read the statement.

While there has been no deliberate count on the number of UK based Zimbabweans who have succumbed to the dreaded disease, the Zimbabwean embassy to Britain said last month that 29 citizens had died at the time.

The numbers keep growing.

Coronavirus has come up with added grief on most families back home who have had no opportunity to bury their loved ones because of the tough measures placed on both international travel and the burying of persons who would have succumbed to the world pandemic.