Welshamn Ncube urged to quit politics

MDC president Professor Welshman Ncube
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Former MDC Chief Communications Strategist Gifford Mehluli Sibanda has urged MDC Alliance Vice President to retire from politics and focus on building a legacy in the legal fraternity.

Writing on Saturday, Sibanda said, “Morning cdes, I hope one day we may have a conversation and agree to send one or two of our comrades to convince Prof Welshman Ncube to quit politics n pursue setting up a law school at either NUST or Lupane together with the likes of Josphat Tshuma, David Coltart, Promise Ncube and Majwabus.”

The former Information Director who is credited for turning around Ncube’s information machinery during the days of the MDC-Green (As it was affectionately known) further urged Ncube to establish a farming institution that shall benefit the Southern region.

“Ncube must also be advised to excellently set up his farm infrastructure to suit the needs for both crop and animal husbandry research for the benefit of the region. It is my humble opinion that through this, it will give him a better legacy, than this MDC project.

I am majorly influenced by the desire to save him n perhaps help him leave a lasting legacy, he has contributed enough his political impact on a downward slide.”

Ncube is a successful farmer.

Source – Byo24