Weed-smoker Chimene, Zanu PF MP in near fist fight

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A FISTFIGHT nearly ensued between Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Mandiitawepi Chimene and Local Government deputy minister Christopher Chingosho last week after the latter allegedly banged into the provincial minister’s Mutare office without an appointment.


This allegedly angered Chimene, who gave Chingosho a cold shoulder and ordered him out of her office.

Chingosho, who is Zanu PF Headlands MP, confirmed the incident yesterday, but denied allegations that he had stormed into Chimene’s office without an appointment.

He said he wanted to meet Chimene and discuss some administrative issues over Wenseleydale Agricultural Training Centre located in his constituency.

“I made an appointment on October 20 with the minister’s office and I was told to come to her office on October 23, it was on a Monday. When I went there she did not greet me and she did not give me a seat,” he said.

“She asked me why I wanted to see her, she asked me to explain my case, she then asked me if I knew that there is Minister of the State in Manicaland and I said ‘yes’ and I told her that is why (I had) made an appointment,’’ he said.

“She banged her desk and said that I should get out of her office. I told her that she does not own an office in Manicaland. I told her that it’s a public office and that she is there to save the people of Manicaland, not herself.’’

Chingosho added: “She insisted I should go out of the office, I told her that I am not like Tshinga Dube (former War Veteran minister) she threatened to beat the other time. I told her that I will beat her in this office (Chimene office) after having said that she stormed out of her office and banged the door. I called my aide because she might frame that I had taken her belongings, fortunately my aide came with her aide.’’

“So, it’s not me who stormed in her office, but she stormed out of her office after I went to discuss some issues with me.’’

Chimene could not be reached for comment, as she kept dropping calls on her mobile phone. – NewsDay