We will not wait for five years – Chamisa

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OPPOSITION Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa has rejected Zimbabwe’s general election results vowing his party will not wait five more years to take action.

Chamisa did not disclose how his party plans to redress their concerns simply stating they will be forming the “next government.”

Chamisa said his party’s V11s show that he won the Presidential polls and were not aligning with ZEC’s V23s which “are not backed by facts”.

The CCC leader added the data was engineered and does not reflect the will of the electorate.

“It is clear that we are rejecting the election as a sham. The results and the process itself, we disregard it in line with what SADC has said.

“We reject this sham result, flawed process based on the disputed figures. We have V11s from across the nation and these will be the basis.

“We have won this election, we are in the lead and we are even surprised why Mnangagwa was declared the winner because he is not,” Chamisa said.

He added that his party will be taking action soon.

“There is going to be change in Zimbabwe, whether Zanu PF wants it or not. It is not going to be easy but there shall be change.

“We will not wait for five years, there has to be change now and we are going to lead in making sure that change comes to Zimbabwe.

“Whatever it takes, we must provide leadership. Mr Mnangagwa knows that he has performed a coup since 2008.

“A coup on the ballot, 2017, a coup on the elected leader, 2018 a coup on the ballot and he has repeated again 2023. You cannot survive these for far too many times, this time no further,” Chamisa said.

Chamisa lost the election with 44% of the vote to President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa who got 52.6%.