Violent ZANU PF officials disqualified ahead of by-elections

Larry Mavima
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ZANU PF suspended two Kwekwe central aspiring legislator candidates for violence and vote buying on parliamentary by- elections, yesterday.

Kandros Mugabe and Energy ‘ Dhala’ Mugabe who intended to contest in party primary elections after the death of Kwekwe Central law maker Masango Matambanadzo.

The duo was disqualified for allegedly dragging the party name into disrepute.

Midlands Chairman Larry Mavima confirmed the disqualification.

“I can confirm that the provincial executive has decided to disqualify both Mugabe and Dhala fo bringing the name of the party into disrepute through violence and vote buying”, he said.

Midlands the home of President Emmerson Mnangagwa is currently boiling after the dismissal of State Security Minister Owen Mudha Ncube who was regarded one of the province’s strongest man.

Violence is the order of the day in Midlands with Machete wielding supporters threatening each other on party posts.

Source – Byo24