Venezuela blasts US for illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe

Jorge Arreaza
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Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza condemned on Thursday the US punitive actions against Zimbabwe.
On Twitter, the head of Venezuelan diplomacy also expressed his solidarity with that nation victim of the tightening of Washington’s coercive measures.‘From Venezuela we reject, as illegal, arbitrary and inhumane, the US unilateral coercive measures against the people of Zimbabwe in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. We express our solidarity with its people and government, confident that their dignity will not be defeated,’ Arreaza tweeted.

In March 2020, the US government extended for 12 months the measures against that country, imposed since 2003 because allegedly ‘it is an extraordinary threat to the US foreign policy.’

On March 12, the US State Department announced the inclusion of the Security Minister Owen Ncube and another diplomat on its list of those sanctioned for ‘eroding confidence in bilateral relations,’ statements described as absurd and interfering by Zimbabwe’s government.

The US government has adopted those kinds of measures against countries and leaders of Cuba, Venezuela and Iran, among others.