US will extend hand of friendship if Zimbabwe polls are free and fair

US Ambassador to Zimbabwe Brian A Nichols
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United States Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Brian A Nichols has urged President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration to fulfill their pledge for free and fair elections on July 30.

Ambassador Nichols said that a free, fair and credible election would result in the United States government extending its hand of friendship to Zimbabwe. He also revealed that Senator Jeff Flake will be one of the elections observers from the United States. Speaking on social media, Nichols said,

I am very happy and hopeful that the relationship between our two countries will grow stronger. Zimbabwe is very important, strategically to our government, and the speed with which I was confirmed and presented my credentials shows that.

The invitations of the international press, as well as international observers to cover and observe the elections, is a very important step by President Mnangagwa’s government.

As (the) U.S. government we place a high priority and standards in the way we deal and engage Civil society organisations worldwide, and our processes require rigorous oversight  and auditing to ensure proper compliance will rules that govern US taxpayer funding to these organisations.

America first doesn’t mean America alone. We continue engagement especially in Africa on economic cooperation, health, education and culture and here in Zimbabwe engaging the youth in programs such as the Washington Fellowship, one of the most valuable programs we do.

If there is a free, fair and credible election, the hand of friendship will be extended to the Zimbabwean government to enhance our cooperation.We look forward to the Zimbabwean Government to continue to move towards fulfilling the pledges they have made to ensure free, fair and credible elections.

This is a time of hope, and a time of every Zimbabwe with the right to vote to express their universal suffrage, and we in the U.S. extend our hand of friendship and look forward to strengthening our relationship going forward. We will have Senator Flake as part of our delegation to come and observe elections here in Zimbabwe.