‘US revised sanctions order inconsequential’

Jenfan Muswere
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The United States’ revised executive order issued on Monday, further prolonging the illegal imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe, is inconsequential as it disregards the clarion call by African countries and progressive organisations, for the unconditional lifting of the unjustified embargoes.

In a statement last night, the Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Dr Jenfan Muswere said the Second Republic under the leadership of President Mnangagwa was affirming its continued fight for the immediate and unconditional removal of the illegal sanctions which emanated from Zimbabwe’s decision to redistribute its land to correct the imbalances of the past.

The Government owed its current political economic reform and legislative transformation milestones to the majority of Zimbabweans who had continued to place their confidence in the nation’s founding and revolutionary party, Zanu PF.

To this end, Government condemned the perpetuation of the heinous sanctions against Zimbabwe and their intended effect to decimate the economy.

“This direct reference to the USA follows Washington’s revised executive order issued on March 4, 2024 which further prolongs the illegal imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe by the US Government.

“Therefore, the Government dismisses any suggestions that this is a new development between Harare and Washington, as President Mnangagwa and others in the 2024 revised executive order have always been under sanctions.

“Consequently, we do not celebrate the current delisting of some key players in our political economy from the sanctions list.

“This is predicated on the fact that Zimbabwe was never supposed to be under any form of sanctions from another nation in the first place,” said Dr Muswere.

“The illegality of these sanctions emanates from their flagrant violation of international laws. In the merit of this legal rationality, Zimbabwe continues to call for the unconditional removal of illegal sanctions including the immediate delisting of all individuals and entities affected by the current order.”

The partial or full scale enforcement of the US government’s diplomatic criminality against Zimbabwe through its sanctions, was only strengthening Zimbabwe’s unflinching resolve to pursue the engagement and re-engagement policy to consolidate the gains of the country’s hard-won independence after a protracted struggle for liberation.

“We are guided by the fact that we are a friend to all and enemy to none. On this basis, we appreciate the support from Sadc, the African Union and other progressive organisations that have supported Zimbabwe’s right to self determination.

“This steadfast position has been further strengthened by SADC’s collective declaration to set aside 25 October as the SADC Anti-Sanctions Day for the entire region and the African continent to express its utmost displeasure at the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the US,” said Minister Muswere.

Washington had no moral or legal basis to interfere or play a superintendent role in Harare’s domestic processes.

The false claim on the “targeted” nature of their illegal sanctions remained a glaring fallacy to be disregarded with the utmost contempt it deserved.

“The US has no ethical autonomy or diplomatic privilege to supervise our adherence to democracy and the rule of law or lack of it given its atrocious involvement in a plethora of wars that have destabilised world peace in the last two decades including the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip.

“Any sanctions on a Head of State in whatever form and manifestation are a direct attack on the institutions and the population they preside over.

“Therefore, the recent executive order amendment is a direct attack on Zimbabwe’s socio-economic and political sovereignty,” said Dr Muswere.

“We call on the people of Zimbabwe to remain vigilant in the fight against the illegal sanctions. Our focus should be on consolidating various growth gains in our economy.” – Herald