Picture of unrecognisable Robert Mugabe shared on social media

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HARARE – A picture of former Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe was shared on Twitter on Friday.

In the picture, Mugabe is see wearing baseball cap and an Adidas tracksuit.

He is seen seated on a wheel chair in what is believed to be his lavish mansion in the upmarket Harare suburb of Borrowdale and next to him is his son Robert Mugabe jnr.

The source of the image was not immediately known.

Mugabe turned 95 this year. Even after his ousting in November 2017 by his long-time protégé Emmerson Mnangagwa.

But following his removal from office 15 months ago, Mugabe now leads a private life and has not been seen in public for months. The picture currently doing the rounds on social media offers a rare sighting.

Mugabe’s last major public appearance was at a press conference on July 29 2018, the eve of Zimbabwe’s elections. At that conference, beamed live by numerous media outlets, Mugabe vowed that he would not vote for his “tormentors” and instead offered support for Nelson Chamisa, leader of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

Mugabe’s relationship with the current administration appears to have thawed since then. Not only did the Mugabe family send a message of congratulations to Mnangagwa at his inauguration ceremony, but Mnangagwa also hired a private jet to fly former first lady Grace Mugabe home from Singapore after the death of her mother. Grace praised Mnangagwa for the gesture.

At a rally at Mugabe’s rural home in November, Mnangagwa said Mugabe was no longer able to walk and had spent two months at a hospital in Singapore. “He can no longer walk, but we will take care of him,” he said.