Tshabangu feels betrayed by Chamisa, says the pair have been working together

Sengezo Tshabangu
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Controversial Citizen Coalition for Change “interim” secretary-general Sengezo Tshabangu has sensationally claimed that he has been working with party leader Nelson Chamisa and all his actions are above board.

Tshabangu – who has made headlines for instigating the recalls of more than 15 national assembly MPs and 12 senators as well as 20 CCC councillors across the country, said he was firmly in charge of the party together with Chamisa.

In an exclusive interview with the Sources Media News Agency, Tshabangu claimed attempts by Chamisa to disown him are false and he has been holding meetings with party structures – including organizing the just-ended elections.

“Of course, why not, go and ask him that question,” Tshabangu said after being asked if he held meetings with the CCC leader—Chamisa.

Because of his recalls, Zimbabwe will hold nine by-elections on December 9 after President Emmerson Mnangagwa proclaimed the same in a government gazette on Friday.

The controversial “interim secretary-general” said his party was ready for by-elections and had funding to do so. He alleged that the supporters are ready to fund the by-elections.

“My office hasn’t got any receipt of foreign funding so it’s a self-sustained strategy. We know the challenges around agents, we know there is money which is allocated for agents,” he said.

The opposition has been struggling to pay its election agents in the past polls, but Tshabangu said the party has the money to settle the agents but someone within the opposition was withholding the funds.

“We will deal with those issues when we know who is sitting on that money so we will reveal the names of those people who are sitting on that money,” he said.

Chamisa has claimed that he does not know Tshabangu and has never worked with him.

The opposition has described Tshabangu as a Zanu-PF imposter who is working with the ruling party in a bid to destabilize CCC.

Tshabangu appeared from nowhere claiming to be CCC interim secretary-general after the elections when asked why he was not known before the elections, he claimed that Chamisa had “disbanded that kind of elite approach the president has been clear about that everyone was sitting on the floor where have you ever seen even Job Sikhala before he was arrested, he sat on the floor so if a chairman can sit on the floor why would you give the secretary-general on an interim basis a chair”.

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