Troubled G40 members hit by ‘illness’

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It seems a ‘sickness bug’ has hit most of the (G40) cabal members as evidenced by claims that they are suffering from various health ailments since the time of their ouster in the 2017 ‘Operation Restore Legacy.’

Members of the once popular G40 cabal who were believed to have been gunning for presidency and big positions in government have been falling ‘sick’ lately.

The cabal members believed to be sick and /or in need of constant medical check-ups are Walter Mzembi, Saviour Kasukuwere, Ignatius Chombo and Kudzanayi Chipanga.

The former Tourism minister is believed to be in a critical condition and his health seems to be further deteriorating .

Mzembi’s lawyer, Job Sikhala on Monday implored a Harare magistrate to pray for the former minister’s health as he is still in a critical condition in South Africa and he has been unable to stand trial since November last year because of his ailments.

“The circumstances are beyond all of us, I had to fly to South Africa to get my own personal assessment of the condition of my client on Saturday and my client is seriously indisposed to stand trial,” said Sikhala.

“As an eyewitness I testify that the accused will not be able to stand trial. Not in the near future. Instead I implore both the court and the State to join us in prayer so that he gets through this. It is something very serious and on the next date I don’t think anything would have changed,” said his lawyer.

Former Local government minister Kasukuwere also approached the Harare Magistrate’s court seeking the temporary release of his passport to enable him to seek medical attention in the neighbouring South Africa.

Kasukuwere through his lawyers, successfully made the application before a Harare magistrate.

Former Finance Minister Chombo also failed to show face in court this Wednesday  in a matter in which he stands accused of public nuisance after spotted wearing the Zanu PF regalia after he had been expelled from the party.

The former Zanu PF secretary for administration sought an administrative warrant of arrest through his lawyer as he could not come to court because he is not feeling well.

Harare Magistrate Hosea Mujaya also exposed his concern on the issue of illness with accused persons and he warned accused persons to come to court and desist from applications of administrative warrants of arrests. He also voiced concerns on the increasing numbers of people claiming to be sick and unfit for trial.

Former Zanu PF youth league boss Chipanga who is jointly charged with Chombo was also seeking for a longer interim remand and for the matter to be postponed to another date instead of the set date which is Thursday saying he was also not feeling well.

The rate of which these  G40 cabal members are falling  has raised eyebrow as to whether the claims are genuine.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is on record saying if anyone leaves the ruling party they would wither away, he said in jest.