Temba Mliswa takes Billy Rautenbach head on

Temba Mliswa
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Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa says President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government must investigate the business cartels who have captured the state and are benefitting from state resources.

Mliswa named Billy Rautenbach as one of the cartel leaders who are benefiting from their relationships with politician yet the nation suffers.

Mliswa added that when Mnangagwa fails the cartels will join the next politician and continue miling state resources.

Read his full statement below:

One thing about the cartels is that they work with everyone; all political parties, all factions. All they want is protection so when one s in power they flock in pretence of long time support. They are the biggest hypocrites vacillators and politicians should see through them.

On the other hand, the genuine supporters are never in the forefront. I’m yet to see someone like Billy Rautenbach doing the ZANU PF slogan or chanting “Pamberi neZanuPf” yet he cunningly benefits from the system whilst dishing out crumbs from the vast proceeds.

Why is Billy Rautenbach’s ethanol option mandatory without option? He sells at +$1 n yet importing from Brazil is 50c, Triangle’s cheaper, why aren’t we addressing that? Let’s unpack him, what did he do with the Todal concession but speculate?

He hides behind sanctions but how many blacks were too but not empowered similarly? How does he continue to be given prime concessions without production? Hwange is another example. These are the same whites who sold arms to Rhodesia. We need to ensure our people control the resources

The opportunistic cartels can be seen consorting with all the regimes; they need to be weeded out. It’s a task I can initiate by exposing the names in Parly to clear the criminals surrounding Mnangagwa The milking of Zimbabwe’s resources needs to end; enough is enough!

The only thing these nefarious criminals have done is to employ money changers in the streets to fuel the forex black market with no contribution to the economy. These leakages must be plugged!!

Source – Byo24News