Talent Chiwenga kills a couple driving to sister’s funeral

A very sad day ended badly for the Madzimgira family in Harare.  A couple was killed in a car crash while driving to a funeral of their sister who had passed on suddenly in Harare Zimbabwe.

Sam Madzingira was coming from Bulawayo to Harare for the funeral of his sister Mrs Felistas Dimairo who had passed on after few hours of complaining of dizziness. Mr Sam Madzingira was driving a Mercedes Benz C class series when his car was involved in a head on collusion with The Controversial Prophet Talent Chiwenga just after the Norton Toll gate towards Harare.

Their car collided with a Landrover Discovery being driven by Talent Chiwenga killing them both on the scene.

Sam Madzingira has founded several schools which he was operating under a trust Turnup Enterprises, he was a director.  His school had classes up to A level enrolling over a thousand students per year.

Madzingira oversaw a construction equipped well with the teachers’ staff rooms, headmaster/deputy headmaster’s office, reception, pupils’ toilets and classroom blocks already complete. The school’s construction project is being bankrolled by Madzingira’s Turnup study pack and it has become a state of the art school.  This New Bulawayo secondary school, Prestige High, in Cowdray Park suburb, opened its doors in January 2015. Madzingira was the school’s founder. Talking in 2015 Turnup Enterprises director Sam Madzingira, said the school would have nine blocks with three classes each.

The school, which will go up to A-Level, will accommodate up to 720 pupils.

Madzingira started building the school in September 2013 and over $300,000 had been used so far for the construction. It was completed by January 2014.

Madzingira and his wife were merging onto a highway from the toll gate they collided with a car being driven by the self proclaimed prophet Mr Talent Chiwenga who quickly blamed the CIO for his accident.

Without verifying the issues Talent Chiwenga flooded the social media with rhetoric and shameless accusations accusing The educationist Madzingira for being CIO.

“Those two Madzingira and his wife Only wanted one thing that they wanted to educate every Zimbabwean. The two of them had so many dreams. Mr Madzingira had hoped to open a University and impart knowledge and deliver education to as many people as possible.

Mr Mpofu a parent of a student from Madzingira’s school fumed and said ” these false prophets like Chiwenga must be ashamed of themselves. Chiwenga should have known better before he rushed to the press and social media accusing Madzingira and his wife to be CIOs.

Mrs Nodumo Siza a former officer in the president’s office said Zimbabwean intelligence service will never sacrifice officers for Talent. Talent Chiwenga is the incarnation of the devil.  He is vile and an attention seeking liar. God should have shown him that the people he killed were just a bereaved couple on their way to the funeral

Madzingira and wife died at the scene. The man driving the Land Rover was unharmed. It is a shame that he flooded the social media with self aggrandising paranoiac statements.

“The Madzingira family witnessed their own worst nightmare,” “That’s an image that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.” Said Silas Mbambo who was the first to attend the accident. “I won’t forget it. It will never go away. I will see that truck hit the Merc spinning it around and killing them every night of my life, the rest of the time that I’m on earth.”

Mr Madzingira and his wife were buried yesterday in Zaka SVINA Village under Chief Benzi. while Mrs Dimairo was buried in Harare on Tuesday.

What has angered most people is the fact that Talent Chiwenga turns this tragic episode into a political scene. Talent Chiwenga and his poor church has proved to be a bunch you tubers who are all out to seek attention they do not care who gets injured.  Chiwenga must be compassionate and stop hallucinating. No one is after his life.

He killed his wife and blamed ZANU PF. for it. Now he killed this innocent couple. Whe will he stop.