‘South African politicians dont matter in Zimbabwean affairs’ – Charamba

Charamba George
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HARARE – South African politicians will never matter in the affairs, Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba has said.

Posting on Twitter Charamba said Zimbabweans must know that POLAD is the only platform that Zimbabweans will use to discuss the political affai9rs affecting the country.

Read his full statement:

South African officials – of whatever political hue – will not be an issue on Zimbabweans Affairs. Chamisa’s fragmentary formation is destinied for utter and complete destruction until and unless it reforms its anti-nation ways.

Asymmetrical opposition by way of western diplomatic activism seeking to incentivize local dissent will fizzle out as more and more anti-nation Zimbabweans realize there is little to be got from western patronage. In anything, there is a new mould for national politics which ensures we loyally pursue dissent, ..while etching clear markers between electoral politics and post-electoral understanding between players across the political divide.

Those who think POLAD as about patronage – not a new type of opposition politics under the Second Republic are in for rude shock. Polad is the new normal politically and the sooner Chamisa and group learn to adapt to the new political normal, the more likely they are to do themselves a big favour.

G-40 hakuna kwainoenda. Mapolitical subcontractees like Mbudziyadhura vachawota zvavo kusvika vati tyoo. Ndiyo Zanu vakomana/Ichatonga MuZimbabwe/Ichatonga munyika yeeedu/Munyika yeeedu yeZimbabwe!! Tinoti pasi naNyati/Wakatengesa Zimbabwe/Wakatengesa nyika yeeedu nyika yeZimbabwe!!! Topota tichiyeuchidzana!!!!

Source – Byo24