Sikhala won’t take part in polls, focusing on career development in law

Job Sikhala
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Former St Mary’s MP Job Sikhala has admitted he is not feeling “motivated to contest for public office” in the coming elections and says he believes “in giving others an opportunity to serve as well.”

The outspoken Sikhala who re-joined the Tsvangirai led MDC after a brief flirtation with his MDC-99 faction said “I am being pushed and criticised hard by my colleagues from the party and also friends from the MDC Alliance that my stance is cloated in betrayal and selfishness.”

“The truth is that I am not feeling motivated to contest for public office because I think I don’t have anything new to offer after I have served the constituency of St. Mary’s for two terms. I am the strong believer in democracy and also a strong believer in giving others an opportunity to serve as well.”

“So far St. Mary’s has had an opportunity to have two Members of Parliament since 2008, the last time I served my second term. This provides the people with new ideas and impetus to move forward. I am not a student of permanent features in public offices and in politics. People must learn to come and go. Why becoming a permanent feature as if Zimbabwe is short of people of capacity.

“If the truth is to be said, I am enjoying my law and it is keeping me and my family very well and happy. Projects at our family farm in Gutu are blossoming. My small business enterprises are not a burden. Politics is not a profession. It is public service. Service that must not be seen from a selfish point of view. Give others a chance,” Sikhala wrote on his Facebook page. Nehanda Radio