‘Sanctions Not Holding Zimbabwe’s Economy Back’ – British Ambassador

Melanie Robinson
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United Kingdom’s ambassador to Zimbabwe, Melanie Robinson has said Zimbabwe’s economy is being held back by maladministration and not sanctions.

She made the remarks on Twitter after the United Kingdom had, for the first time since leaving the European Union, imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe’s four military chiefs. Ms Robinson posted:

 It’s not sanctions holding Zimbabwe’s economy back. Corruption and illicit financial flows rob Zimbabweans of their own resources. The lack of political and economic reforms undermines the chance of debt relief & international investment needed to rebuild Zimbabwe’s economy.

Zimbabwe was one of the fastest-growing economies on the aftermath of independence in the 80s but dramatically turned South in the 90s and worsened at the turn of the millennium over a number of issues.

While some attribute the decline to poor government policies, corruption and other issues, the Zimbabwean government has often argued that sanctions imposed by the former colonial master and her allies triggered the economic decline.

The government argues that the removal of sanctions will unlock revenue sources which in turn will result in economic growth.

The UK argues, however, that the sanctions are a way of compelling Zimbabwe into implementing much-needed reforms which include political, media, electoral and others.

The UK adds the implementation of reforms will result in Zimbabwe’s economy growing.

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