Political Analysts At Seas On Best Strategy For Chamisa

Supporters of MDC’s Nelson Chamisa believe he could win Zimbabwe’s 2023 elections. EFE-EPA/Aaron Ufumeli
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MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has been accused of lacking political strategy by surrounding himself with people who advise him to approach the courts even on issues that are purely political.

Speaking to the Daily News over the weekend, political analyst Maxwell Saungweme urged Chamisa to consult the party’s structures on the way forward rather than leaning on his lawyer friends. Said Saungweme:

Chamisa has the people’s goodwill and political capital but has no strategy. He depends on an elite clique of advocates and lawyers in MDC Alliance who give him meaningless legal advice on purely political issues.

He must go back to the people, the political structures and consult them and then take the way forward from the people and not what his lawyer friends tell him.

Otherwise, he appears not ready or willing to govern, but content with noise-making and maintaining the status of being the most popular opposition leader.

However, another analyst Admire Mare told the Daily News that Chamisa should do away with confrontational politics and pursue dialogue. Said Mare:

The Zimbabwean issue requires dialogue despite the intractable nature of political polarisation. Any political strategy must put peaceful means at the centre of the resolution of the Zimbabwean crisis.

Whilst it’s a democratic right to use peaceful demonstrations to raise issues, there is also a need to complement it with frank discussions with various actors.

At the end of the day, Zimbabwe must be the one that wins rather than politicians or political parties.

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