Opponents rounds up on Sekai Holland

Sekai Holland
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HARARE – Zimbabwe People First spokesperson Jealousy Mawarire has attacked former minister Sekai Holland for dismissing allegations that MDC Alliance youth leader Obey Sithole was almost abducted by state security agents.

Holland on Sunday said some allegations made by the MDC Alliance and NGOs of abductions and torture were either false or exaggerated.

She also accused foreign missions accredited to Zimbabwe of naively buying into the abduction and torture claims without determining whether or not the reports were true.

Mawarire who was part of a panel of discussion at a local television station on the day of the alleged abduction attempt of Sithole on 31 July, said Holland was trying to defend her “home boy” President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“Sekai Holland is pathetic, MDC-A’s Obey Sithole and Jacob Mafume were saved from abduction by church women who attended a ZTN debate where she was a panelist, did she say anything? Did they fake it? I have problems with people who support ED repression just because he is their homeboy,” said Mawarire.

Holland and Mnangagwa hail from the Midlands province and both once served in the Midlands State University council.

Western Embassies in the past two weeks have condemned the Zimbabwean government of human rights abuses over reported abductions and torture of opposition and civil society activists.

Source – Byo24