Mujuru responds to reports of former VP cancer illness scare

Mai Mujuru
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THE family of former Vice President Joice Mujuru has been inundated with enquiries over the health of the former VP, after images went viral on social media showing she has lost some significant kilos.

The images also show Robert Mugabe’s former number 2 with a shaved head, sparking suspicions that she was hit by a cancer variant.

In a post on social media, Wellence Mujuru, believed to be a family member and insider, refuted the rumours of ill-health.

“I would like to clarify that Joice Mujuru ( Teurai Mujuru) is very well and keeping healthy.

“In response to messages and posts that she is sick which is very very untrue after photos of Mhamha with her Grandkids circulating .

“She has been on a diet and exercise weight loss for some time now and has been very successful, her Doctor has not found anything wrong with her.

“Why l have decided to attach those two pictures that reflect her wonderful progress in keeping healthy.

Joice Mujuru (left) is only keeping healthy, says family member

“Thank You for those reaching out but she is well,” said Wellence.

In the 2018 presidential elections, all her parliamentary candidates failed to win seats while she also managed a paltry chunk of the electorate.

Fired by Mugabe from the ruling Zanu-PF party in 2015, Mujuru has been in the political wilderness ever since. She has tried one political project after another, and all have failed. – Zimbabwe Voice