Mugabe Evacuates Family As He Refuses To Meet Army Generals

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President Mugabe’s family was last night whisked out of the country as tensions rise. Sources at Charles Prince Airport have confirmed that Bona, Chatunga and Robert Jnr were yesterday seen off by Bona’s husband Simba Chikore and an entourage of security personnel. Their destination is unknown.

Tensions have been on the rise since General Constantine Chiwenga declared that the army would not hesitate to waddle into the ZANU PF succession issues. It is believed that the Generals then requested a meeting with their commander in chief with the intention of pushing him to resign. They sent Permanent Secretary For Defense Martin Rushwaya to request a meeting but MUgabe was adamant that he was the Commander In Chief and would not meet with insubordinate commanders.

They also tried to send the Chaplain-General: Col. Joseph Nyakudya but again he was snubbed. Mugagabe is believed to be relying heavily on Brig. Gen. Anselem Sanyatwe the commander of the Presidential Guard who was not present at yesterday’s press conference. It is not yet clear if Sanyatwe has met with Gen Chiwenga.

It is believed President Mugabe is still hunkered at his home in Borrowdale together with his wife and Son-in-law Simba Chikoore.

It is not clear what the next moves would be but the next 24 hours will be critical.