Mugabe back but without Grace!

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Former president Robert Mugabe is reported to have returned home yesterday but was reportedly accompanied by his nephew Patrick Zhuwao, according to Newsday.

There was no mention of his wife Grace who left with him for Malaysia last month but did not accompany him to Singapore where he went for medical check-up.

She reportedly stayed in Malaysia with her daughter Bona who is said to be expecting her second child.

Newsday said Presidential spokesperson George Charamba could not confirm Mugabe’s return but said he was expected back in the country yesterday.

It could also not confirm whether Zhuwao was with his uncle as he is one of the G40 kingpins that the government is after.

Addressing diasporans in South Africa last month President Emmerson Mnangagwa said he had forgiven the cabal excerpt for three.

While the first two are obvious- Jonathan Moyo and Saviour Kasukuwere- it is not clear who the third person is as some of the key persons who fled the country include Paddy Zhanda and Mandi Chimene.

Only Jonathan Moyo continues to lambaste Mnangagwa’s administration although he has toned down since 15 December when he announced on his twitter handle that he had major offline work to do.