More trouble for Tsvangirai ‘widow’

Aquilinia Pamberi
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IT never rains but pours for Aqcuilinia Kayidza Pamberi, the woman who made headlines in 2011 for being involved in an alleged sexual relationship with the late MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Barely a week after she was issued with a warrant of arrest for defaulting on appearing in court to answer to fraud charges involving $5 000, she is set to have her car, a Mercedes Benz (ADR 2673) auctioned over a debt she owes Rio Tinto Africa Pension Fund.

An advertisement advising of the sale was placed in the Press on Wednesday indicating that Pamberi’s Mercedes Benz will go under the hammer.

The auction is to be conducted by Messenger of Court on Friday (26 October 2018).

Last week Bulawayo magistrate Tinashe Tashaya issued the warrant when Pamberi did not appear in court for trial.

Pamberi initially appeared in court on 13 September, with the matter being remanded to 15 October this year for trial.

The allegations that the court are yet to prove are that Pamberi conned her friend Irene Chinyanda after she misrepresented to her that she knew someone who could assist her with her case which was before the High Court in Bulawayo.

Allegations are that some time in January this year, Pamberi met Chinyanda in the CBD, where she told her that she was seeking to raise $575 to pay the Deputy Sheriff for a writ of execution for a case that was ruled in her favour at the High Court.