Mohadi goes berserk, attacks ex-wife with an zxe

Vice-President Kembo Mohadi sitting under a tree after the violent incident in Beitbridge yesterday
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VICE-PRESIDENT Kembo Mohadi yesterday allegedly attacked his estranged former wife using an axe to break doors and threatened to shoot her in a dispute over property.

The enraged VP raided senator Tambudzani Mohadi’s Beitbridge home and grabbed three vehicles in full view of about 25 local police officers and his aides.

Mohadi allegedly poked senator Mohadi with a deformed steel bar and threatened to kill her. However, later after fatigue apparently set in, retired to as chair after the hive of activity sapped his energy, according to some police officers who witnessed the incident.

The officer commanding Beitbridge police district chief superintendent Tichaona Nyongo said he was not aware of the alleged attack since he was away in Chivhu.

“I am off, I don’t know anything, I am in Chivhu,” Nyongo said when contacted for a comment.

The officer-in-charge of Beitbridge police Chief Inspector Kenneth Mushongahande did not respond to calls on his mobile phone.

But, a weary-looking Senator Mohadi confirmed the incident and said she did not know where to report. She did how to get to the police station after the VP left her grounded without a single vehicle.

“I have just spoken to the Dispol [Nyongo] and he expects me to walk to Beitbridge police. My dignity has been heavily battered,” she said.

“The police said I must go and report, but they were witnesses to what happened. They saw him commit this crime.

“He said he is a law unto himself. He was doing this on my defenceless person. I did not react. Police did not stop him.

“He went on accusing me of refusing with keys and he broke the doors. He did that while police stood and watched.”

Mohadi allegedly seized all the three cars at his former wife’s home.

“All the cars he took were awarded to me by the court at his instance,” Senator Mohadi said.

“I resigned myself to fate and told him he could kill me if he wanted.

“He was restrained by his aide when he tried to get a gun from his car.

“He came here unprovoked and demanded to collect his clothes before breaking the doors at the cottage where he collected nothing.

“He axed three doors and then turned on me. Police numbering more than 25 just watched him.

“The officer in charge of Beitbridge urban one Mushongahande was here with him and many other police officers who filled the yard.

“He said he was 120% the law unto himself. I just stood by and saw him committing this act.”

A police source said Mohadi, who was not restrained by his aides, personally axed the three doors.

“After his performance, which took a long time and seeing he was receiving no resistance from his wife he went to the patio where he pulled a bar stool and sat as he watched the vehicles being towed away,” said the source.

The rod used to poke at Tambudzani Mohadi

“A woman who was identified as his daughter continuously followed Mohadi during his fit of rage asking him why he was being childish to which he responded saying she was being disrespectful.”

Some of Mohadi’s nephews were present as he went on the rampage while police looked on helplessly.

Mohadi divorced his wife early this year after he sought a High Court relief. Senator Mohadi initially contested, but later let go.

He moved out of their matrimonial home — 108 Impala Drive in Beitbridge — where his ex-wife lives and was the scene of the drama witnessed by many residents of Beitbridge’s low-density suburb from morning when it started.

“We first saw many policemen arrive, then the VP’s fleet arrived,” said a resident who said they watched what was happening from outside the house.
“Some cars towed away vehicles from the home.”

Earlier Mohadi forcibly closed Malins Transit he jointly operated with some businessmen and directed that all vehicles arriving from South Africa be taken to the old border post where he plans to operate another bonded warehouse.

The businessmen he operates with were not reachable, but sources said he arrived and ordered them to move to his new site.

Source: The Standard