Mnangagwa’s new cabinet described as beyond nepotism

President's son Kudakwashe Mnangagwa takes an oath (Image: AP)
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Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa‘s newly appointed Cabinet as something that goes beyond nepotism, according to Political analyst Dr William Mpofu

He says it is a symptom of a terrified man with no one but friends and family to trust.

This is after Mnangagwa, appointed his son as the Deputy Finance Minister as well as his nephew, as the Deputy Tourism Minister.

The appointments follow his re-election amid a disputed win by the opposition who claimed fraud with European Union and African Union observers also casting doubt on the legitimacy of the polls saying that it failed to meet regional and international standards.

President Mnangagwa recommits to serve all Zimbabweans:

Mpofu said Mnangagwa is subverting the voters’ political will.

“This is now a faction of a faction that has come to power, President Mnangagwa’s group keeps getting smaller and smaller. There are many people who were his friends before, that are no longer friends, there are many people who were with him after the coup that are no longer with him.”

“Hence, he’s left with friends and family to appoint to the Cabinet- this is a terrified man who no longer trusts anyone, who is afraid of everybody, who knows that he’s not wanted. He’s hated, he’s illegitimate. That’s why he’s willing to subvert the political will of Zimbabweans- it’s not out of power hunger, it’s out of fear.”

Source: SABC News