Mnangagwa Will Announce Cabinet Tomorrow – Mangwana

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Nick Mangwana, the Zanu-PF representative in the United Kingdom, has said that President -Designate Emmerson Mnangagwa will announce his cabinet on Friday after his inauguration. Mnangagwa will be sworn in as the country’s second Executive President and will replace Robert Mugabe. Mugabe who had led the country since 1980, resigned on Tuesday.

Mangwana said that he hoped for a “Transformation Team to ignite the New Era.” Mangwana also said that although Mnangagwa had the option to include opposition politicians in his cabinet no negotiations had been conducted as yet. According to Mangwana, there will be no government of national unity (GNU) like what happened in 2008. He insisted that Zanu-PF was going to respect the constitution and hold elections as scheduled in 2008.

Speaking on social media site, Twitter, Mangwana said:

President Mnangagwa will announce his Cabinet tomorrow after the inauguration. Let’s all pray for a Transformation Team to ignite the New Era

It’s up to President Mnangagwa to include some members from the opposite side of the aisle out of nation-building goodwill but there are no current negotiations on that. So no, there will be no transition arrangements. His administration is the Transitional Government

But we have been saying it all along that we are not amending the constitution or delaying elections. That’s not a Twitter position. It’s the actual party position I am communicating here.