Mnangagwa warns Zacc against abuse of power

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THE Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission should not use its recently acquired arresting powers to settle personal and political scores, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has warned.

Mnangagwa in June issued Statutory Instrument 143 of 2019 giving the new Zacc board chaired by High Court Judge Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo arresting powers.

Previously Zacc had limited powers which only provided it with authority to conduct investigations and make recommendations for arrests to the police in terms with the Constitution, a practice which earned the Commission the moniker “toothless bull-dog”.

In his keynote address at the launch of the anti corruption awareness campaign in the capital,  Mnangagwa said the body’s powers were not to be employed in pursuing vendettas.

“As a listening President, I have directed the granting of arresting powers to the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission (Zacc) which were not there before, to demonstrate my seriousness in the fight against corruption.

“The newly acquired teeth, crocodile teeth, in dealing with cases involving high level corruption must be used without fear, prejudice or favour and ensure that all perpetrators are brought to book,” Mnangagwa said.

The President is popularly known by the nickname “Garwe” the Crocodile by his political foes due to his shrewdness.

Mnangagwa warned Matanda-Moyo not to abuse the powers bestowed on her.

“As government we will continue supporting Zacc and other related institutions with the necessary, legal and policy reforms as well as material resources so that you adequately execute your constitutional mandate.

“Zacc chairperson and your commissioners I appeal to you not to use these powers to settle scores, all your actions must be with integrity, transparency and accountability,” the ZANU-PF boss said.

Although the Zacc chair, Justice Matanda-Moyo in several of her addresses has pointed out that the anti-graft body will not be used to fight any political or personal wars the general public sentiment is Mnangagwa is using her to fight his political opponents and sideline those with ambition to take over power in the ruling party in particular.

Source – newzimbabwe