Mnangagwa says’s he has contained strikes and protests

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During the Zanu-PF annual conference in Gweru, President Emmerson Mnangagwa announced that his administration has successfully contained strikes in tertiary learning institutions through the establishment of innovation hubs across various campuses in the country.

Accompanied by his deputies, Constantino Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi, Mnangagwa highlighted that despite the challenges posed by sanctions, Zimbabwe has been able to develop homegrown solutions to enhance the nation’s economy.

He emphasized the importance of homegrown solutions for both products and services, attributing the containment of strikes in tertiary institutions to the presence of innovation hubs within the colleges.

Furthermore, Mnangagwa expressed the government’s commitment to ensuring that Zimbabweans benefit from the country’s abundant mineral resources, particularly by supporting small-scale miners. He also mentioned plans for the distribution of agricultural inputs, irrigation development, and the installation of solar-powered boreholes in most of the country’s villages within the next five years.

The president reported that his administration had undertaken various development projects, including the improvement of major highways. In addition, he presented a revised Zanu-PF constitution and a central committee report with few pages.

Deputy President Chiwenga, addressing the same gathering, made it clear that the party has a zero-tolerance policy toward factionalism, emphasizing the importance of party unity.

Source – newsday