Mnangagwa advisor says Ministers spend time consulting Sangoma

Shingi Munyeza
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SHINGI Munyeza, a co-adviser to President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the 26-member Presidential Advisory Council (PAC), has claimed the government leadership is only interested in retaining power and spending most of its time consulting occults instead of resolving the country’s economic challenges.

He went to call for leadership renewal in Zimbabwe that can bring the “wounded nation together” as the current administration will not be able to extricate the nation from the challenges it faced.

In a televised church sermon Sunday morning, Munyeza, a pastor at the Borrowdale Community Faith Ministries, said Zimbabwe needed a new leader who is God-fearing and could rise above differences and diversity.

“We need a leader in this nation who says enough is enough. A leader who does not consult the occult to destroy people’s lives. A leader who says enough is enough, we can defeat this,” he said.

“That will be the end of corruption in this country because corruption is perpetuated by the occult. People go to consult the occult so that they can steal more from the country’s coffers.

“People go to consult the occult so that they can kill because they want to sustain power. People go to consult the occult because they want to retain power at all costs. The things that are happening in this country you don’t understand why because it coming from the occult. It has no reason, it has no commonsense.”

Munyeza called for leadership renewal.

“We also need leadership that brings our nation together. A leadership that rises above differences and diversity. Leadership that makes sure we are not divided by racial lines, tribal lines, not according to class, not divided according to those who are in Zimbabwe and those in the Diaspora.

“Right now, we have a problem. We have a leadership that distastes those in the Diaspora. It does not like those in the Diaspora because if they liked them, they would be allowed to vote because it is their country.

“We have a leadership that does not like dissenting voices. If it liked dissenting voices, it would allow freedom of speech, expression, association, and demonstrations because that is what the Constitution says,” said Munyeza.

He attacked political leaders of treating the church as a token of endorsing quest for power.

“Our political leaders treat church, Christianity as token to endorse their power quest. At the core of their hearts they, not even Christians. They don’t even know what it means to be a Christian. This is why we have 85% but there is decay and this disaster when political leaders are going to church by day and by night, they are consulting the occult.

“We have a bad toxic political environment with bad leadership across the board. Zimbabwe is in a political bad shape and only God can bring redemption to us.” – Newzim