MDC Alliance and Tsvangirai family feud escalates over memorial

The late MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai
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A war of words has broken out between the opposition MDC and the family of its founding leader, Morgan Tsvangirai over the late former Prime Minister’s memorial service set for this weekend.

Family spokesperson and Tsvangirai’s young brother Manasa told in an interview Monday, that it was their wish that all Zimbabweans without regard to political affiliation are able to attend.

To this end, Manasa said the family wanted all who will attend not to wear specific party regalia but that which bears the late MDC leader’s face only.

Manasa said the family had also invited President Emmerson Mnangagwa to attend the memorial but the Zanu PF leader has not indicated whether he will be available.

In response, the MDC through spokesperson Jacob Mafume called for a press briefing in Harare Tuesday, at which the family was literally told to “shut up”.

“We are the family of Morgan Tsvangirai and his family is the MDC. Those that were beaten (by the State) with him, some died and other are carrying scars to this day are Morgan Richard Tsvangirai’s real family.

“His family has no demarcation. The whole of Zimbabwe, the MDC and everyone who died in his name wearing his t-shirt and those tortured wearing the party’s t-shirt are Morgan Tsvangirai’s family,” Mafume said.

The MDC spokesperson said the family had no right to erect boundaries around what party members can or cannot wear because Tsvangirai founded the MDC.

“Moreover, we are going to be wearing whatever we want wear whether it is party regalia or not because Morgan Tsvangirai is the founding member of the MDC. He is red inside his blood, inside his grave and he is red in heaven where he is,” Mafume added.

Meanwhile, the MDC will attend the Workers Day’s main celebrations in Harare according to Mafume in solidarity with workers. – NewsZim