Matemadanda says abuse claims must be investgated

Victor Matemadanda
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ZIMBABWE Liberation War Veterans Association Secretary-General, Victor Matemadanda has slammed the country’s detractors over the continued misinformed onslaught regarding alleged human rights abuses in Zimbabwe.

Addressing the media this Saturday in the capital, Matemadanda dismissed claims of human rights abuses in Zimbabwe adding that the move to stop the 31st July planned demonstrations was in line with World Health Organisation (WHO) precautionary measures against the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Every country under WHO instructions is enforcing COVID -19 restrictions and Zimbabwe cannot be an exception simply because Hopewell Chin’ono and others want to cause a demo,” he said.

“I do not find any leader anywhere having the morality to think that we should have sacrificed the lives of our people because someone wants to have a demonstration, that’s outrageous.

“Zimbabwe is a sovereign state with a mandate to safeguard the lives of people. Our decision to follow WHO guidelines is not by mistake and we are still convinced that because of the spike in Covid-19 cases, gatherings should remain banned.”

Matemadanda said the government of Zimbabwe has nothing to hide over the unchecked abuse allegations.

“The cry about the abuses, that if it happened needs to be investigated case by case, bit can’t have a blanket cover but we did not see where it happened.

“We have seen people feigning abductions as a drive up to the period where you now find the Khamas and Malema’s interfering thinking they are now the chief justice of the Democratic process in Zimbabwe.

“I think that is uncalled for. We are happy that ANC and South Africa has set up a fact-finding mission to verify exactly what happened because we have nothing to hide because nothing happened,” noted Matemadanda.