Mashakada closer to town clerk job

Tapiwa Mashakada
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THE saga around the appointment of a new Harare town clerk is set to be put to rest after Harare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni revealed yesterday that MDC-T legislator Tapiwa Mashakada (pictured) was leading the race for the post.’

Due to political interference and disharmony over executive appointments, Harare has gone for 30 months without a substantive town clerk, who should also serve as the city’s chief executive officer.

Manyenyeni yesterday raised optimism over the long overdue appointment of a town clerk, saying new Local Government minister July Moyo was showing positive signs of co-operation to ultimately bring the issue to finality in a professional manner.

“I am encouraged by the new brooms at the ministry, the Minister July Moyo, and his permanent secretary, George Magosvongwe. We are banking on their perceived professionalism to allow us to conclude this overdue matter,” he said.

Manyenyeni revealed that Mashakada was leading the pack, ahead of other shortlisted candidates, who include Gweru town clerk Elizabeth Gwatipedza as well as Cainos Chingombe, who were also vying for the same job.

He said the appointment of a town clerk was critical in addressing the service delivery gaps that have befallen the capital city.

Manyenyeni said the position had historically been denied full professional space in both its recruitment and daily operations.

“The town clerk matter is important for the current and next mayor because our residents do not know or care about a mayor being executive or non-executive, they just want things done,” he said.

Controversy has always circulated around the filling-in of the town clerk post, which became vacant in 2016, after former banker, James Mushore was blocked from taking up the post by Moyo’s predecessor, Saviour Kasukuwere. – NewsDay