Man taunts granny (90) with witchcraft slur

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TEARS have become daily bread for Mathando Sibanda (90) whenever her grandson shouts at her for allegedly bewitching his mother, her daughter.

She now wants her grandson Danisa Nyathi (46) out of her life because everyday with him is emotional torture.

Sibanda does not sleep at night as Nyathi comes home in the middle of the night drunk and shouts at her until morning.

When he gets tired of shouting, he plays loud music so that his granny fails to sleep.

Efforts to seek help from other family members failed as Nyathi refuses to vacate Sibanda’s home.

Sibanda had to apply for a protection order against her grandson who is giving her a torrid time.

“Nyathi has become a problem to me and the tenants as he comes home drunk and always insults me,  disturbing my peace.

“He also plays music on high volume during the night when everyone is asleep. Because of his conduct, tenants are threatening to vacate and if they do, I will starve to death because rentals are my only income,” she said.

She begged the court to order Sibanda to leave her home as she also feared for her life.

“He must leave my home and move to his mother’s house in Old Lobengula. If he moves out, I will be guaranteed of peace and rental income,” she said.

Nyathi did not dispute the allegations and the presiding magistrate Tancy Dube granted the order stating that he should vacate the house.