Kazembe Kazembe defies ZANU PF Politburo directive

Kazembe Kazembe
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Reports coming from Mashonaland Central’s Mazowe District indicate that ZANU PF Provincial Chairman Kazembe Kazembe has defied the Politburo directive which ordered Provincial Executive Committees not to interfere in the DCC election processes by issuing a command to  ZANU PF structures in Mazowe to cancel all DCC campaigns and scheduled elections until further notice.

The ZANU PF National Political Commissar Victor Matemadanda, on the instruction of the Politburo, is said to have issued the order recently.

Mazowe DCC is viewed as Mashonaland Central’s group of death as businessman Tafadzwa Musarara squares off with John Mudzonga in Kazembe’s backyard.

ZANU PF sources allege that if Kazembe loses control of Mazowe DCC he will have a tough time retaining the Provincial chairmanship.

A source from Nzvimbo growth point who was canvassing for support on behalf of aspiring DCC secretary for Administration only known as Dangana told this reporter that, “Kazembe has the power as provincial chairman do as he pleases and we stand with him in barring campaign programs in Mazowe ana Musarara havangayendi ne chinhu hazviite.”

Kenneth Tashinga of a pressure group Mazowe Agenda for Development and Empowerment (MADE) said that Kazembe’s preferred candidate  Mudzonga was losing ground in the race.
He added that while barring campaign gatherings is meant to hurt Musarara’s campaign it will negatively affect John Mudzonga and those on his ticket. “It is a surprise that Dangana’s foot soldiers are celebrating the move. The playing field should be level and provincial members have no right to interfere.”

However, sources close to Kazembe indicated that their sights were set on a politburo seat as they felt that Kazembe was now too senior for a mere provincial post.

The race for DCC Chairman is a two-way race between  Mudzonga and Musarara. Mudzonga has paired himself with Dangana and Chimumba among others. While Musarara’s ticket has Kavhimba, Murengwa, and prominent businessman Chinyemba.

Source – Byo24