Kasukuwere’s lawyer summoned for Zanu-PF disciplinary hearing

Jacqueline Sande
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Former cabinet Minister Saviour Kasukuwere’s spokesperson Jacqueline Sande, a lawyer who represented Saviour Kasukuwere in his legal challenge against his dismissal from Zimbabwe’s 2023 presidential election race, has been called to appear before the Zanu-PF disciplinary committee.

Sande addressed countless press briefings before and after the sitting of the nomination court on behalf of the former Zanu-PF National Commissar.

According to a letter circulating on social media, she is being accused of violating the party’s constitution due to her representation of Kasukuwere, who is seen as unrepentant by the party.

Below is the Zanu-PF letter to Sande.


This letter serves as a formal summon to one Jaqueline Sande, of ID number 68-738809 E26 by the District Disciplinary Committee. You are hereby summoned on allegations of violating Party Constitution Article 3 Section 18.

This follows the prohibition order and notice of charges delivered to your place of residence in July 2023 due to your connection to the self-exiled and unrepentant Saviour Kasukuwere which the Disciplinary Committee deemed compromising as per Article 3 Section 13 (2) of the ZANU-PF Constitution. In tandem with Article 10 Section 74 (1), you are again prohibited from participating in any Party activity and Representing the Party in any capacity.

According to the Party Constitution, a hearing must be held and you must state your side of the case. You are advised to attend as failure to do so shall be recorded as admission of guilt and a judgment be passed in your absence. Any appeals can be made through the normal structures as defined in the Constitution and your rights to be assisted and represented in the conduct of your case by any member of your choice are enshrines in Article 10 Section 69. Your hearing will be on the 3rd of December 2023. Venue; Bond Party Office. Time ; 3P.

District Disciplinary Chair
Vice Chairman
Cde Moses Chitsa

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