Jonathan Moyo’s sidekick Baba Jukwa goes for Chigumba’s sex life

Edmund Kudzayi
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FORMER Sunday Mail editor and ex-Zanu PF employee, Edmund Kudzayi has made sensational claims Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) chair, Priscilla Chigumba was involved in a sexual relationship with President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

On Monday, the outspoken journalist wrote on his twitter account that the under fire ZEC boss was not fit to be in her position as she was having an affair with one of the presidential aspirants.

“Justice Chigumba must resign from her position at ZEC,” he said, adding, “While her privacy must ordinarily be respected, there is a strong public interest argument in this instance where a private sexual relationship fetters the discretion of a judge. I will publish the full story on Wednesday.”

Kudzayi and his brother were 2014 accused of being the characters behind the faceless but popular “Baba Jukwa” Facebook page that spewed loads of Zanu PF top secrets.

The page had more than 40 000 followers.

They were arrested and charged with terrorism and undermining the president’s authority in what political analysts said was a culmination of Zanu PF’s messy succession wars.

He denied the allegations and was in 2015 set free after the State withdrew charges against the siblings.

Kudzayi was back to haunt Zanu PF last year after it emerged that he could have been behind a video presented against then Vice President Mnangagwa by the latter’s nemesis Jonathan Moyo during a politburo meeting purportedly demonstrating how Mnangagwa had systematically positioned himself for the overthrow of then President Robert Mugabe through the capture State institutions.

Lately, he has been spitting venom against Zanu PF, culminating in his latest claims Chigumba was enjoying quality time with the most powerful man in the land.

“This rather silly straw man that seeks to ignore an alleged conflict of interest. A judge can’t have sex with one of the parties to a dispute & claim that it’s their private life. Would you agree to have such a judge hear your case, knowing they are sleeping with your opponent? …

“Chigumba underestimates our resolve. The gloves are off Amai. Zimbabwe is not a Zanu PF farm. We won’t accept your silly excuses about costs affecting design – you just wanted to get Dambudzo’s team on top. We’re going to teach you a lesson that you will remember for many years,” he said.

Chigumba is under siege from mainly the opposition MDC Alliance for allegedly refusing to implement electoral reforms ahead of the country’s elections July 30.

The alliance held a giant protest last week demanding that they be allowed to observe the printing, storage and distribution of ballot papers, among other demand calls. – NewZim