Jonathan Moyo Thanks Mugabes For Saving Him From Being Killed, Says He Will Be Back

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Former Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education and G40 mastermind Professor Jonathan Moyo has expressed his thanks to former president Robert Mugabe and former first lady Grace Mugabe for saving him from the Zimbabwe Defence Forces who he says wanted to ” kill us.”

While he does not explicitly say who is part of “us” it’s certain that at least one other person that he is speaking of is former Local Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere. Moyo once claimed that Kasukukuwere’s house was attacked by 25 Special Air Services (SAS) snipers who were firing indiscriminately. Moyo claimed that at that time, his family and that of Kasukuwere’s were hiding there. The professor also shared images of what appeared to be bloodstained tiles and walls.

Moyo and Kasukuwere have not been seen in public since November 15 when the Zimbabwe Defence Forces launched Operation Restore Legacy which resulted in the fall of Mugabe after 37 years as Head of State.  The two are reported to have fled to Kenya.

Moyo also said that he was going to take a break from using social media, his primary means of communication since the military intervention, as he had important things to take care of away from the online world. However, the professor promised to be back although he stressed that he was not going to come back to lead a coup. Said Moyo, speaking on Twitter:

I’ve major offline work to do away from online streets. Thanks for your prayers. Special thanks to President Mugabe & Amai Dr Mugabe for saving us when the Junta tried to kill us on 15 Nov. Kwaheri. I’ll be back, not in three weeks & not to do a coup or any violence. Asante Sana!