Jonathan Moyo Releases Video Of Army Attack On Saviour Kasukuwere’s House

Prof Eggy Jonso
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Former Higher Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has released CCTV footage of what he says is an attack on Saviour Kasukuwere’s home by the military.

Moyo says members of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) started firing at him, Kasukuwere and their families at Kasukuwere’s home on 15 November 2017. It is not clear if the soldiers started firing without provocation or if it was an exchange between the soldiers and hired bodyguards as was the case at Ignatius Chombo’s house. It should be noted that Moyo has been at pains to prove that Operation Restore Legacy was a “bloody coup”. Watch the video below:

You Can Also View A Video Of A House Believed To Be Kasukuwere’s After A Military Raid To Arrest Him Here