Harare-Nurse Based In UK Succumbs To COVID-19

Irene Mandaza
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ANOTHER Zimbabwean born but United Kingdom-based nurse has died from coronavirus.

Sources in the UK identified the deceased as Irene Mandaza.

“We lost another Zimbabwean nurse Irene Mandaza today. She was also from Mufakose,” a source said.

A number of medical professionals from Zimbabwe have sadly succumbed to the coronavirus in the United Kingdom.

Her unfortunate death is another sad statistic to the growing number of Zimbabwean health professionals dying of the disease in the line of duty in the UK.

The NHS employs a lot of Zimbabwean health professionals who escaped the country’s economic hardship after the turn of the century and have been fending for their loved ones back home.

However, Covid-19 bugged UK has exposed them to the hazards of catching the dreaded flue leading to the deaths.