Girl (9) falls to death while fleeing nyau dancers

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A nine-year old girl from Mabvuku, Harare died Wednesday after she fell down while fleeing traditional nyau dancers commonly known as ‘zvigure’.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) said investigations are underway.

“The ZRP confirms a sad incident in which a 9 year old girl died after falling to the ground while running away from masquerades (Zvigure) at a school located along Sinini Drive, Eastview Phase1, Mabvuku, Harare on 15/05/23.

“Investigations are in progress,” reads a brief statement.

The incident has sparked debate on social media platforms with some netizens calling for the ban of the cultural practice in Zimbabwe and some arguing that culture should be respected and preserved.

“Masquerades must be permanently banned in Zimbabwe as this practice doesn’t originate from our cultures…please put those zvigure behind bars…this is absolutely disturbing. May the family left behind find comfort in the Lord,” wrote one Bob Taruvinga.

Another user, Williek said: “Wherever you see these masquerades there is a threat to human life, the law should be applied to protect the public.

“Why not confine their activities to their places or shrines rather than move around as they always do, xhem.”

Eva Cromwell urged a safer practice: “It’s a sad situation, my condolences to the family.

I don’t, however, think that banning these spiritual practices is the answer. It is possible to study the situation and come up with viable solutions.”