Farmer uncovers military arms while ploughing

An UZI 9-mm submarine gun and AK-47 assault rifles seized during the multi-service, multinational Operation URGENT FURY.
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The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has reported the discovery of arms of war in Hurungwe where a farmer stumbled upon a box containing 507 rounds of a PKM machine gun.

The ammunition was taken to the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) 23 Combat Group in Magunje. Said police in a statement:

On 21/01/21, ZRP Magunje recorded a case of discovery of arms of war at Karenga Village, Chief Dendera, Hurungwe by a farmer (42) who was working on his field with an ox-drawn plough.

507 rounds of a PKM machine gun were unearthed in a rusty box measuring about 30x25x15 cm in size. Meanwhile, the ammunition was taken to ZNA 23 Combat Group Magunje.

In October last year, a Gweru farmer stumbled on a plastic bag with three AK47 assault rifles on a plot on the outskirts of Gweru.

The AK47 rifles were rusty, a sign that shows that they had been hidden underground probably for more than 5 years.

While some wondered if the weapons had been hidden during the liberation war, police sources said there was a possibility that the weapons could have been used and abandoned by armed robbers.

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