Exposed: Carter Centre’s political machinations in Zimbabwe revealed

Carter Centre, Zimbabwe
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IN a surprising twist of events, the Carter Centre’s involvement in Zimbabwe’s internal political affairs is raising eyebrows and sparking concerns about the organization’s ulterior motives. What initially seemed like a routine revisit has taken a dark turn, revealing an agenda that goes beyond the scope outlined in their initial request and terms of reference.

The recent visit of the Carter Centre Election Observation Mission (CC-EOM) to Zimbabwe has exposed a web of interactions with key stakeholders, including officials from the MDC-T and various Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). The turning point came during an engagement between CC-EOM Director, Masa Janjusevic, and MDC-T leader, Douglas Mwonzora, on November 23, 2023.

Janjusevic’s remarks during this meeting went beyond the purview of a neutral observer. She expressed concerns over alleged abductions and murders of opposition activists, suggesting a departure from the organization’s purported role. The question now looms large: has the Carter Centre transitioned from impartial observation to political interference?

Adding a layer of intrigue, Janjusevic urged local CSOs to advocate for dialogue, pushing for the establishment of a Government of National Unity (GNU) in Zimbabwe. To navigate potential legal hurdles, she even suggested that CSOs and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) should consider registering as political entities, circumventing the looming Private Voluntary Organisation (PVO) Bill.

These revelations indicate a significant deviation from the CC-EOM’s mandate into the realm of politics. With doubts about the Carter Centre’s impartiality, calls are growing for the government to reconsider granting permission for their future involvement in the country. This sentiment is heightened by the Centre’s discreet efforts to establish a permanent office within Zimbabwe, adding a layer of suspicion to their intentions.

As political intrigue deepens, Zimbabwe faces a critical juncture, grappling with the implications of an ostensibly impartial observer organization succumbing to the allure of political machination. The story continues to unfold as stakeholders demand transparency and accountability from the Carter Centre.

Source – Byo24