Ex-Legislator Starman Chamisa Caught on Video Assaulting Former Girlfriend, CCC MP Bridget Nyandoro

Starman Chamisa
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Former Mbare Constituency legislator Starman Chamisa, brother of opposition presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa, has been captured on a viral video assaulting his former girlfriend, Bridget Nyandoro, who is the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Member of Parliament for Southerton.

The video, widely circulated on social media, shows members of the public intervening to rescue Nyandoro.

In an interview with The Herald, Nyandoro reported that while the assault did not leave her with visible bruises, Chamisa twisted her neck, causing ongoing pain for which she is taking painkillers. She revealed that the attack occurred after she requested money for their child’s school fees.

Nyandoro accused Starman Chamisa of being an irresponsible father who refuses to acknowledge his child and neglects his parental duties. “Every time I ask him for money for the child’s fees and upkeep, he starts telling me the child is not his and I need to do a DNA test,” she said. Despite Chamisa previously arranging a DNA test, he later refused to undergo it, even in the presence of his lawyer.

Feeling threatened, Nyandoro shared that Chamisa has boasted about his connections with the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) and the army, claiming he has the power and resources to make their child disappear without repercussions. “If it was not for the people who heard me screaming, I would have died,” she added.

Nyandoro expressed fear for her safety and has chosen not to report Chamisa to the authorities, describing him as “thuggish” and well-armed. She mentioned that he keeps a gun under his car seat and has repeatedly threatened to use his connections to make her life difficult in Parliament.

Clarifying their relationship, Nyandoro denied being married to Chamisa, stating that he is already married and that their affair, which began in October 2014, was akin to a tryst.

Due to her injuries, Nyandoro was unable to attend the Parliament session on Thursday. Efforts to contact Starman Chamisa for his side of the story were unsuccessful, as he did not respond to multiple calls from The Herald.