“Embittered Presidential Aspirant” Planning Bloodshed and Anarchy – Charamba

George Charamba
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Presidential spokesperson George Charamba has alleged that an “embittered presidential aspirant” is planning to cause havoc in the country in order to stop elections scheduled for next Wednesday from going ahead.

In a post on social media site X, formerly Twitter using one of his accounts “Tinoedza Zvimwe”, Charamba said the presidential aspirant is planning to kill one Presidential Candidate and at least three aspiring Members of Parliament, as well as bomb some installations in the country.

Charamba, however, did not disclose the identity of the presidential aspirant, saying his/her name will be revealed in due course. He wrote:

AN EMBITTERED PRESIDENTIAL ASPIRANT GOES ROGUE: A presidential aspirant we shall name in due course has called on his supporters to attempt three bloody things:

One, kill one Presidential Candidate;

Two, kill at least three aspiring MPs;

Three, bomb a few vital installations.

His hopes are that those three dastardly acts would stop the Election and catapult him to State House. WE ARE ON THE SPOOR!!!!

Responding to Charamba, journalist Nqaba Matshazi asked whether the allegations were a “false flag” or not.

A false flag is a term used to describe a covert operation carried out by a government or other entity in order to make it appear as though another party is responsible.

This could be done to justify military action, gain public support for a certain agenda, or shift blame onto a different group.

Just over a week ago, Ecuadorian presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio was shot dead as he left a campaign event in Quito, days before an election.

The former journalist was outspoken about alleged links between organised crime and politics.

Videos on social media showed Villavicencio surrounded by supporters and being escorted by security guards to a waiting vehicle when gunshots ring out as people start to scream and take cover.

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