Drama as Croatian involved in car-chase with CIO and takes refuge in EU embassy

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JOSEPH Richard Crnkovic, a dual citizen of Croatia and Zimbabwe who is fighting over control of Glen Forest Memorial Park, is currently holed up at the European Embassy following a high-speed chase by suspected police officers.

Crnkovic is understood to be staying in the parking lot of the embassy with a guard looking after him.

“I can confirm that he has been and currently is at the delegation parking lot. Otherwise, I have no comments to be made,” said the EU representative responding to questions sent by NewZimbabwe.com.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) spokesperson,  assistant commissioner Paul Nyathi said they “have not received any reports regarding the incident.”

Reports say Crnkovic arrived in Zimbabwe about two weeks ago following his deportation from the country in 2015.

He was warned by hotel security of his imminent arrest for unclear reasons and had to run for his life.

Crnkovic has since written a letter to the EU Commission from the EU parking lot where he is grounded seeking urgent intervention and assistance.

“I request protection and an urgent transfer to the French embassy or other suitable embassy where I may have food and water.

“Today (Thursday) I was chased by close to 40 unmarked cars which seemed to be of state security agents, and I know a couple of the car registration plates by name and their owners.

“I was warned by hotel staff as there was a big task force assigned to take me out who had been scoping the hotel before.

“Fearing for my life I rushed to the EU council. The vehicles followed in fast pursuit. I barely made it to the commission in time. I believe if I had been a few minutes later I would be dead,” he said.

Crnkovic added: “The reason for this is I am the representative of the company taking Glen Forest Memorial Park to court to stop its operations.

The investor argues the deed to the land in dispute specifically states that the land must be used for residential and agricultural purposes only, and if he wins the court case, over 40 000 graves risk being dug up.

“This implicated the minister of health (Chiwenga) and July Moyo in large public scandals as it was implemented by me. This alone puts my life at risk.

“I am also having good success in my cases against the prosecutor general, prosecutor Reza, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) and Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP).

“As a result of the above I believe my life is in danger. Historically my rights have been trampled on, I have been unfairly treated in the courts of Zimbabwe and prevailed,” he said.

“I have legally attacked the government to get my civil rights back, and I have started civil litigation which are not in the interest of the general or President. Both these actors, the prime decision makers have been rumoured to be associated with killing people.”

“What happened today was that I received anonymous tip off that I will be killed. I reached the council today just in time before a swarm of state security agents arrived. A team of about 40 state security accent vehicles are driving round the block of the US and UK consuls. I am being gauged by one guard, although there is good infrastructure at the counsel.

“The consul guards are guarding me and for this I am eternal grateful,” he said.

He said the guards have seen vehicles circulating the EU Consul as well.

He also said on Thursday two ZRP officers entered the EU complex and attempted to forcibly remove him from his car with intentions to “either abduct or kill” him.

He identified the police officers as Miss Rumbi Bushi of Highlands police station and a Marara of Law and Order at Harare central. – Newzim