Downcast Chombo writes ‘pleading’ letter to Mnangagwa

Ignatius Chombo
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Former Finance minister, Ignatius Chombo, wrote to President Emmerson Mnangagwa two days after he had been sworn into office offering to work for him in any capacity.

In a passionate congratulatory message to Mnangagwa, Chombo wrote from his hospital bed pledging he would be unwaveringly loyal to Mnangagwa in the same way he was to former president, Robert Mugabe, who was deposed last month.

“I saw your inauguration as the second executive President of the Republic of Zimbabwe with pride and contentment, especially after the goings on in the party and government during the last six weeks. I wish I could attend but I couldn’t because I am in hospital for some health problems that doctors are attending to. I missed all recently held meetings because I was away, learning some hard lessons,” Chombo wrote.

“I wish to heartily congratulate you for your elevation to the position of president of the Republic of Zimbabwe as well as first secretary of our beloved party Zanu-PF. May God give you strength and guidance as you lead us into the future.

“You have all my full support and loyalty in equal measure as I served the former president, … Mugabe during his tenure in office.

“I am available to serve in any capacity that you deem fit. Once again, I wish you all the greatest good and may God bless you ever more,” he wrote.

Mnangagwa did not heed to Chombo’s adoring plea as he overlooked him in his Cabinet announced on Friday night.

He replaced Chombo with his long-time associate, Patrick Chinamasa.

Chombo, who was swept aside in a military intervention code-named Operation Restore Legacy, is currently languishing in remand prison after being arrested on several counts of corruption and criminal abuse of office.

He recently appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts where he was denied bail.

He has since appealed against the denial of bail at the High Court where the bail application will be heard on Wednesday.

Chombo was also kicked out of Zanu-PF for aligning with the vanquished Generation 40 (G40) faction, which had been fighting to forestall Mnangagwa’s rise to the highest office in the land.

He also lost his lofty secretary for Zanu-PF administration position and his Zvimba North National Assembly seat following his recall from Parliament.

Source: Daily News