‘Don’t impose your inferiority complex on me’ — Mashaba hits back at Hopewell Chin’ono

Hopewell Chin'ono
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Herman Mashaba has taken aim at Hopewell Chin’ono after the well-known Zimbabwean journalist seemingly questioned who was in charge of ActionSA.

Chin’ono, who has made world headlines for his criticism of the Zimbabwean government, took to Twitter on Tuesday to post a picture of ActionSA’s leadership. In the caption he said he came in “peace” and asked “who is in charge?”.


ActionSA leader Mashaba did not take the jab lightly and told Chin’ono to rather focus on problems in Zimbabwe than support “racialised misinformation campaigns”.

“Please don’t impose your inferiority complex on me. There are so many challenges in Zimbabwe, why don’t you start there?

“Perhaps this is why it has been so hard to turn Zim around when ‘award-winning journalists’ find it so easy to support racialised misinformation campaigns,” Mashaba said.