Disqualified Zanu PF candidates mourn

Rodrick Mumbire
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MASVINGO- Zanu PF aspiring candidates who were disqualified from standing in the primary elections on Sunday next week have cried foul against the party’s provincial leadership for being the brains behind their fate.

Notable among those who had their CVs thrown away were Energy Mashindi and Tranos Huruba in Chivi North, Rodrick Mumbire in Masvingo West, businessman Pascal Mudzikisi in Masvingo North, Petros Mutema in Masvingo North and former MDC T councillor and ex-convict  Misheck Gapare in Masvingo Urban ward 8 and Lovemore Mufamba who is TUZ president and ward 10 sitting councillor.

Zanu PF Masvingo Provincial chairman Ezra Chadzamira confirmed the latest developments and said the decisions of the national elections directorate were final.

When contacted for comment Mumbire said Chadzamira wrote false comments to the National Directorate so that he could be disqualified paving the way for him to sail through uncontested as he was likely to lose the dry run.

“I met all the requirements but I don’t know why I was disqualified, I am told Chadzamira lied about me so that I can be disqualified, People in Masvingo West no longer want Chadzamira because he has done nothing for them, and in fact he brought divisions in the party.

“He has gone further to remove sitting councillors and other Zanu Pf members from the party instead of uniting the party. I have known no other party except Zanu PF where I am a district leader. However, I launched an appeal with the Politiburo to reconsider their decision and I am waiting for their response,” said Mumbire.

“On Tuesday I was cleared to stand in my ward. If they succeed in disqualifying me which I know they won’t I will still stand on a Zanu PF ticket in the elections later this year. Chadzamira does not own Zanu PF, we elected him chairman of the province but he is now bullying everyone which is against his mandate. I am a darling of the people from my ward and one thing that I know is I will win, hands down,” said Mufamba who looked unfazed by the developments.

Mufamba did not say who cleared him to participate in the primary elections.

Chadzamira maintained that Mufamba is not a candidate as he was disqualified.

“The President said everyone should participate but they left my name because they knew I was going to win. No matter how disappointed I am I will always support the party and I will make sure that President Mnangagwa wins.

I am in Harare now trying to solve the issue, they just told us that our 2014 suspensions were not lifted hence the disqualification. What surprises me is that most people were suspended and fired but they were given the greenlight to participate, why me only,” said former Chivi North MP Huruba who wants to wrestle back the seat from Matias Tongofa.